Helix P

Sharp Design
Allow easy insertion
Toothed, superior and inferior surface
Assuring a secure seating of implant
Titanium Markers
Allow good bony in-growth
Fenestrated implant
Allow good bony in-growth
Excellent biocompatibility
In-vivo, HELIXP is al but totally inert
Lordosis maintenance
0,4,8 angles
Lordosis MaintenanceHeightWidthLength
0, 4, 8 angles7mm to 13mm10mm23mm - 26mm

Sharp Design

Helix P PLIF Peek Cage has an unique design in various heights to restore the inter body space. Wide graft spaces for enhanced bone fusion.

Excellent Biocompatibility

Radiolucent and biocompatible PEEK material which provides modulus of elasticity similar to the bone. 3 tantalum markers for the verification of anterior and posterior implant placement.

Toothed, superior and inferior surface

HelixP PLIF PEEK Cage has a specifically designed body structure for better stability between vertebrae. The teeth structure helps to secure placement and prevents migration.

Easy Instrumentation

Enhanced instrumentation for secure insertion simple locking mechanism which easily holds and drops the cage.