Helix C

Restores Balance
Stabilizes Against Shear
Anatomic Design
Optimal fixation
Toothed, superior and inferior surface
Assuring a secure seating of implant
Titanium Markers
Easy identification and positioning
Fenestrated implant
Allow good bony in-growth
Excellent biocompatibility
In-vivo, HELIXC is al but totally inert
Lordosis maintenance
5 angles
Standart Cervical Cage4mm to 8mm14mm - 15mm12mm - 13mm
Cervical Cage with Blade5mm to 7mm14mm - 15mm12mm - 13mm
Expandable Cervical Peek Cage5mm to 7mm14mm - 15mm12mm - 13mm
Standart Cervical Peek Cage
Cervical Cage With Blade
Expandable Cervical Peek Cage

Excellent Biocompatibility

Radiolucent and biocompatible PEEK material which provides
modulus of elacticity similar to the bone.
Tantalum markers for the verification of exact placement.

Anatomical Shape

Original and anatomical designs for a secure
and better placement.

Special Blade Design

Specially designed titanium blade, positioned
in the middle of the cage for perfect fixation.
1.5 mm fixation fo blade into the each endplate.

Improved Mechanism

Designed to maximize disc height restoration
provides continuous expansion and controlled