Helix Facet Fixation System

Facet Fixation System is designed to provide a streamlined procedure for facet fixation through a percutaneous approach. This comprehensive system delivers facet joint stabilization through low profile compression screws with an integrated collar and an optional load-distributing washer.

Streamlined Surgical Procedure:

Allows a single incision providing streamlined apporach

Decreased risk of infection with fewer proderual steps

Decreased operating room time

Preservation of muscle and tissue.

Dual-Thread Screw

Available in 30-45 mm lengths (5mm increments).

Washer not required,allowing for a lower profile than traditional pedicle screws. Top threads provide addtional locking without need of a washer and different thread pitches provide increased superior to inferior facet compression.

Single-Thread Screw:

Available in 30 mm, 35 mm and 40 mm lengths options.

Optional 2,60 mm Washer:

Provides load dispersion.


Facet Fixation System is intended to stabilize the spine as an aid to fusion through bilateral immobilization of the facet joints. It is Intended for use with or without bone graft, at a single or multiple levels from L1 to S1 inclusive.