Multifunctional Electrocatheter for
Pulsed Radiofrequency Treatments


Spinal radiculopathies FBSS Post-Herpetic syndrome

A fast, easy and safe treatments

Spinal pathologies are very frequently source of acute and chronic pain. An effective minimally invasive therapy is represented by Pulsed Radiofrequency Neuromodulation on the nervous roots of the epidural space. With PULSTRODE each level is achievable, allowing to combine pharmacological treatments and lysis of epidural adhesions.

The Bipolar Radio Frequency Field with Pulstrode

A bipolar field, relatively to the playing powers, exists
only for fields smaller than 20 mm and with two
opposite active poles. PULSTRODE does exactly
this!! By using the integrated microswitch, it allows to
generate a 'SMALL' bipolar field more precise and intense
(11 mm), or a 'LARGE* one wider and diffused (17 mm).

PulstrodePT 39-4Electrocatheter for Pulsed Radiofrequency 4FR - 3 poles
EasytrodeET 39-4Electrocatheter for Pulsed Radiofrequency 4FR - 2 poles
MinitrodeMT 20-3Electrocatheter for Pulsed Radiofrequency 3FR - 2 poles