Dolphin Endoscopy System

Full minimally invasive procedure for the treatment
of acute and cronic pain

Video Guided Catheter
for back pain relief

The Video Guided Catheter has been designed to allow the delivery of pain medication precisely within the lower spinal column. Appropriate for patients with chronic back pain not responsive to conservative treatment.

DolphinDP 31-9Videoguide with watering
Dolphin PRF KITDPRF 31-9Videoguide with watering and Pulsed Radiofrequency
Electrified CatheterDP-CATHElectrified probe with thermocouple


A: Choronic Back Pain

B: Post-Laminectomy Syndrome

C: Spinal Stenosis


Minimize impact on patient’s muscoluskeletal structure

Deliver pain treatment to the exact point of pain

Diagnosis conditions inside the spiral column


Lightweight,ergonomic design

Catheter outer diameter is 3mm

Soft, atraumatic tip

Radiopaque shaft


Dual working channels

Dual infusion ports

Direct visulization via endoscope

2-way steering