Saytek Medical Systems has been serving the healthcare sector in Turkey. It was founded in Ankara to operate at the medical field in line with the current targets.

Represent the world’s leading Medical industry companies from United States and Europe in Turkey. Our company is active all across Turkey with experienced professionals and provide the best service with his dynamic team. Company princible is deliver the products to the end users with his expert team and elite sub distributors in excellence way. Saytek has become a leader with his extensive and successful marketing strategies and preffered in the area of specialization since the day of foundation. Quality strategy based on one hundred percent of Customer satisfaction.


Saytek Medical is specialized in all health services without compromising the principles of medical ethics, patient and doctor rights and tracking latest technologies.


Saytek Medical Systems expect to be a pionneer of medical center that delivers quality health services to the majority of society.

Saytek Medical Systems is proud of its strong client focus and long-term relationships.


Saytek Medical Systems serve to the Medical sector with his employee knowledge, experience and latest technology in accordance with legal requirements.

Provide Customer satisfaction with a continous process that affects quality of product and improvement of business management.

Saytek Medical Systems acts as the believe that Human being is the most valuable sources for companies. With this point of view supports the competency with educations.

All Saytek Medical Systems management team and employees actively work to achive the company’s objectives in terms of quality and continous improvement.